Finance, Refinance, Portfolio Review

Financial institutions, leasing companies, nontraditional lenders, investors, and transaction advisors utilize Reliant to provide intelligent, detailed, and supportable appraisal and valuation opinions for important financing transactions.

Trusted Partners

Our professionals provide independent opinions of value of Businesses, Machinery & Equipment, and Real Estate.  From SBA and other debt financing programs to more complex structured finance transactions, our full-time specialists know what is required and how to get the deals done.  Real Estate appraisals are done through our parent company, Marshall & Stevens.

The Reliant Approach

Reliant has been performing appraisals of businesses and fixed assets for decades, but now that we are part of Marshall & Stevens, the portfolio of services we offer to our clients is much greater.

We continue to pride ourselves on demonstrating an understanding of the unique considerations and needs of each individual client and responding with a well-contemplated opinion of value.

Important Compliance Requirements

All our valuation analyses and reports comply with the Uniform Society of Professional Appraisal Standards (“USPAP”). Upon request, our work will comply with Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act (“FIRREA”), domestic and international accounting standards for financial reporting (FASB and IAS), and Internal Revenue Services (IRS) standards and procedures.

We have specialists that focus on valuations for SBA lending, renewable energy projects, and compliance with healthcare and ESOP reporting requirements.

Transactions Are What We Do

We assist our clients with planning, due diligence, negotiation and reporting of their important transactions including financings, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, insurance placement, tax, and matters of dispute.

Our professionals provide timely independent analyses to the entire spectrum of the financing and investment community. Some assignments require nothing more than a standard opinion of fair market value.  Others require an opinion of orderly and forced liquidation, highest and best use, go dark value, useful life, residual value, etc.